Backlash recording studio Rotterdam

backlash recording studio rotterdam

Backlash Recording Studio Rotterdam (1976 -1982)
Studio location Haringvliet 94-3 Rotterdam
Studio Design by Hannah Rubery
Studio Build by Aad van der Meer and Martin van der Leer
Studio Electronics engineering by James Rubery (Utopia)
Console Audio Developments 16/8/4/2 channels Ton Vlasman
Recording deck Telefunken T9 rebuild
eight-tracks one inch
Mastering deck Akai two-track GX-600D Pro
Gauss three way studio monitors Turner B302 stereo amplifier
Studio owner/producer Martin van der Leer
Mechanical reproduction Dureco - Sonopresse Leo Ritmeester *
Telefunken T9

Vice Versavice versa stilyagi 45rpm
All works recorded on
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vice versa eyes of christ

vice versa a chainsaw pop group

vice versa promotion photo card

Don't believe everething they say, believe what you hear even if it sounds unbelievable, Nyrabakiga first and original pressing in a numbered and limited edition from the hands of the real masters, a twelve inch two versions 45/33 rpm, hear what your soundsystem can realy reproduce, dont go for the fakes its a waste of time and money but go for the releases on BBR

Backstreet Backlash Records Rotterdam Holland


nyrabakiga cor corora

Nyrabakiga record cover design Christian Bijersbergen
Beware the German Bootleg is not what you are looking for!
nyrabakiga at backlash studio

nyrabakiga umri wa ngoma

Nyrabakiga video by Christian Bijersbergen



mark fogo and the secret meeting

mark foggo new shoes
mark foggo and the secret meeting

kontakt mikrofoon orkest
kontakt mikrofoon orkest
kmo living in rotterdam

wiener krem
wiener krem
der junge deo cide winer krem

joeboy in rotterdam/san francisco
joeboy in rotterdam-robert lyng


		lyng & Bryan with Auftritt Magazine


Joeboy in Rotterdam/San Francisco

I was first acquainted with this work about 20 years ago when some friend handed me a tape with what i thought then was a Tuxedomoon project Joeboy in Rotterdam/San Francisco.

That was the time when we were all trying to find something shockingly inspired and inspiring, a new definition of sound. Myself, being an academic world product, felt so tired with the insipidity of certain projects like The Whitehouse or the Satanic Sunction and generally such things that were incoherent and flashy just due to lack of form.

Joeboy was none of the above. In one sentence: A bursting piece of lyricism by Steven Brown embedded in a brilliantly constructed vacuum of tape guitar noise by Peter Principle.

Twenty five years have passed since this release and i haven't heard anything as original and moving as this piece, surviving itself over thousands of auditions well there's maybe another piece i can think of Alban Berg's Woyzzeck.

Two years ago i was teaching 20th century music, from Schoenberg to Xenakis, it somehow occured to me to refer to this lost tape, saying that i've listened to a piece of music done in the eighties which is actually to contemporary music what Schoenberg was to Irving Berlin.

In the age of technology, i did a search online and i finally found the one responsible for this album.

If some of you feel like examining whether the music you listen to, is neoteric, then get hold of Joeboy, to reconsider your thesis on modernism.

Best Wishes

suspect above suspicion
suspect above suspicion

Rotterdam Collection various bands from Rotterdam

mu motion in tune

MU right from the mixing console of Martin's studio, ask for this one original record and first pressing on Backstreet Backlash label at your specialised record shop or dealer

you could still have the real thing


red attack
de rondos backlash studio

the corridor des affaires
the corridor des affaires
he corridor des affaires

utreg punx
utreg punx
utreg punx

bunker oeso
bunker oeso robots/do the houdini
bunker oeso 925/23.00 to 6.30 death pogo punkrocker

sonopresse-bbr-5th.column co-production - masayuki imada/tokio japan
flexidisc periodiek magazine de maasbodem basicode computerprogram on a flexidisc


album gerard reve

Album Gerard Reve Een Nieuw Paaslied is een
exclusieve uitgave van Backlash Records Rotterdam
productie Martin van der Leer en Maarten van den Berg

martin van der leer


All works were recorded and produced by Martin van der Leer exclusively for their respective creators at Backlash sound recording studio's Rotterdam



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